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Shadow Yoga Fundamentals introduces basic principles of practice, and are offered on a sliding scale price. You can expect a brief talk followed by a potent class which will leave you feeling grounded and energized. Drop-in classes are open to all, and include the joint warm-up series, enkindling stances and a series of squats and lunges to build inner power and breath.

Learning the Shadow Yoga Preludes requires a progressive approach. The multi-week format supports cumulative learning over time, providing a unique sense of ownership and progress. At least one of the first two preludes -- Balakrama (Step to Strength) and Chaya (Churning of the Shadow Warrior) -- are offered every quarter. Drop in permitted with prior experience.

Stretch Clinic is for athletes, desk workers or anyone else who wants a complete, expertly guided experience to balance the body. A combination of dynamic stretching, static stretching and release work (using balls or rollers) will leave you feeling relaxed and open in the tissues.

Restorative Yoga combines light, dynamic movement to invigorate the body and slow, suspended postures and movements to calm the nervous system. Through the use of props, cued breathing and rest, you'll leave feeling grounded and, as the name implies, restored.

All classes are available on a drop-in basis. If you're coming at least once per week, consider taking advantage of our unlimited monthly subscription which includes all regular classes, workshops and individualized practice sessions. We believe in the honor system (known as satya, an important principle of yogic practice) and trust you to pay what you can truly afford, from $89 to $129 per month. We want to create a transparent, mutually supportive community school. And we do not rely on volume, retail sales or corporate franchise funding to keep our doors open. Please click or copy and paste this link to subscription purchase options:

Public Classes are open to all; we cover fundamental practices and principles of Shadow Yoga.

Prelude Courses are taught in a multi-week series, much like a semester.